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Kaboose takes out Bubbleshare!

Hey!  It looks like congratulations are in order for the Bubbleshare team.  Jeneane Sessum says that the news is out that Web 2.0 photo-sharing startup Bubbleshare been acquired by Kaboose (TSX: KAB) for $2.25 million plus an additional $750K possible earnout.  It’s a great match.  The Bubbleshare feature set makes photos easy to share, and also makes it super easy to create albums and add fun stuff like comment bubbles.  In fact, it’s an awful lot like a family photo album, and families are the Kaboose target.

Kaboose got a great deal, both in acquiring Bubbleshare’s technology, and in the Bubbleshare team.

Update:  I just had a quick chat with Albert.  It was an ear-to-ear grin over the phone.  Mark Evans also has posted a short interview with Kaboose CEO Jason DezWirek. Mathew Ingram speculates that Kaboose may venture into social networkng with this acquisition.

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