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Getting my OpenID

There are a couple of really interesting posts about OpenID online, as of yesterday.

  1. Richard McManus at Read/WriteWeb has published a short video of setting up an OpenID.  It’s trivial to do.
  2. Sam Ruby’s Open ID for non-SuperUsers walks you through the basics of setting up an OpenID, and then redirecting it to the web page of your choice (say, a blog). 

I claimed my openID using ClaimID, and then used it to log-in, and publish a comment on this posting, which is about a WordPress OpenID plug-in.  It works as advertised.  With OpenID I now have a transportable identity, which I can use anywhere.  Wow!  My next steps will be to populate the identity with more information, and then take some of Sam Ruby’s steps to redirect it to http://saunderslog.com so that I can use my blog as my ID.

Another piece of the Voice 2.0 vision seems to be coming to life.  Moreover, with support from Verisign and a host of others, it seems that OpenID might have some legs too.

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