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The ultimate VoIP bloggers ranking

Because we’re gearing up to release our iotum Blackberry applet, I’ve been interested in knowing who the influential Blackberry bloggers are out there.  Some I knew already, but others were folks I hadn’t been aware of.  Anyway, I’ve recently discovered the Text-Link-Ads Juice Calculator, again. It’s a great way to figure out who’s participating in the conversation that is the blogosphere… who’s linking who, who has the traffic, and so on.

The Juice calculator assigns a score from zero to ten, based on a weighted combination of Bloglines subscribers, Alexa rank, Technorati rank, and links in (via Technorati). 

After finding out the information I wanted to know about the Blackberry blogging world, I next applied it to the VoIP blogging world. 

There are some very surprising results.  Russell Shaw’s blog, for instance, tied in first place with Om Malik’s Gigaom. I had no idea my friend Russell was so influential! Tom Keating — more influential than either his boss Rich Tehrani, or Internet Telephony Editor in Chief Greg Galitzine (ask for a raise Tom!).  Less than a year old, the O’Reilly Network’s Etel is neck-in-neck with Andy Abramson, and both are coming on strong just behind the father of the modern day VoIP industry — Jeff Pulver.  Mark Evans, at one point Canada’s most influential VoIP blogger, shut his blogspot blog down, and is now rebuilding at Evans Tech.  The impact?  He’s moved from position 11 to 42.  Within 12 months I am sure he’ll be back at the top. And of course, one or two of the blogs (like Gary Kim’s) broke the calculator because of URL format.

Without further ado, and in the spirit of Garrett Smith’s original rankings, and Luca Fillighedu’s reprise, I give you the most complete ranking of VoIP bloggers yet.  Please accept my humble apologies for not providing titles for each of the blogs.  I ran out of time… but this way you’ll be encouraged to click on the ones you don’t recognize and visit them.

Rank Juice Blog
1 8.5 gigaom.com
2 8.5 blogs.zdnet.com
3 7.8 share.skype.com
4 7.3 skypejournal.com
5 7.3 mobilecrunch.com
6 7.2 blog.tmcnet.com
7 6.9 pulverblog.pulver.com
8 6.8 oreillynet.com
9 6.8 andyabramson.blogs.com
10 6.7 googletalk.blogspot.com
11 6.5 evans.blogware.com
12 6.5 blog.tomevslin.com
13 6.3 saunderslog.com
14 6.1 ipdemocracy.com
15 5.6 telepocalypse.net
16 5.6 eurotelcoblog.blogspot.com
17 5.3 isen.com
18 5.3 scrawford.blogware.com
19 5.2 voip-news.com
20 4.8 collaborationloop.com
21 4.8 blogs.pulver.com
22 4.7 nerdvittles.com
23 4.6 voip-blog.tmcnet.com
24 4.3 voip-blog.tmcnet.com
25 4.3 realtime-unifiedcommunications…
26 4.2 voiplowdown.com
27 4.1 henshall.com
28 4 james.seng.sg
29 3.8 asteriskvoipnews.com
30 3.8 lucafiligheddu.blogspot.com
31 3.8 blog.roam4free.ie
32 3.7 mocaedu.com
33 3.4 webtown.typepad.com
34 3.2 werblog.com
35 3.2 sipthat.com
36 3.2 macvoip.com
37 3.1 toyz.org
38 3.1 realtime-voip.typepad.com
39 3.1 voipandenum.blogspot.com
40 3 voipsa.org
41 3 smithonvoip.com
42 2.8 markevanstech.com
43 2.8 phoneboy.com
44 2.7 blogs.nmss.com
45 2.6 solokay.blogspot.com
46 2.6 poliblog.verizon.com
47 2.4 thevoipgirl.com
48 2.4 iotum.com
49 2.2 telco2.net
50 2.2 voipcentral.org
51 2.2 dyork.livejournal.com
52 2.2 blogs.globalcrossing.com
53 2.1 frankston.com
54 2.1 voiploop.com
55 2 irwinlazar.com
56 2 ampersand.com
57 1.9 voipmonitor.net
58 1.8 antecipate.blogspot.com
59 1.6 donthorson.typepad.com
60 1.6 woip.blogspot.com
61 1.6 voiptelephonyservice.blogspot….
62 1.5 utopiaoverip.com
63 1.2 the-presence-of-presence.blogs…
64 1.2 produktiv.com
65 1.1 talkster.wordpress.com
66 1.1 mhgoldberg.com
67 1.1 febeke-okafor.com
68 1.1 blog.bellhead.net
69 1.1 beyondthebleedingedge.blogspot…
70 0.8 thomashowe.blogspot.com
71 0.7 voicesage.blogspot.com

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  • Garrett Smith December 29, 2006, 12:59 pm

    Alec, first off great list.

    The only problem I see with it has to do with the use of Bloglines as a weight of measurement. I think number of feed subscribers (if this could ever be determined) would be a better metric rather then simply using just one specific feed reader for weighting purposes.

  • Alec December 29, 2006, 1:04 pm

    I think that's a valid criticism Garrett. I don't know why the Text-Link-Ads people didn't use Feedburner stats instead, since it seems to be so much more widely used. As I was looking at the calculator, though, it occurred to me that the same could be said of Alexa, and Technorati… not all hits go through either of those mechanisms either.

  • Andy Abramson December 29, 2006, 6:49 pm

    the way the ranking engine handles extended url.

    ZDNet is number two becuase of all the blogs they have that push them over the top. First they start from here:
    http://blogs.zdnet.com/ then go http://blogs.zdnet.com/ip-telephony/ so I’m suspecting that the aggregate first URL has an upward benefit to ranking.

    Second, I remain flattered to be the ranking “independent” blogger. Jeff Pulver has the weight of Pulver Media behind him, but deserves to be ahead of all us statistically or perceptually.

    So I guess once again, I’m buying the first round at the next blogger event….

  • Frank Miller December 29, 2006, 8:33 pm

    You know what I would love to be added to this list?

    A column that tallies Ad revenue for each of them…


  • raj December 31, 2006, 6:51 pm

    Feedburner generally is more common for feed subscription, though subs to tech sites through Newsgator and Rojo are picking up.

  • Garrett Smith January 1, 2007, 2:44 pm

    I agree with you Andy that it is much tougher as an "independant" to garner traffic, links, praise, etc.

    While the contributions of those who write for sites such as oreilly, zdnet, tmcnet, or pulvermedia, certainly can't be recognized enough, they have media organizations behind them, that are constantly promoting their sites content in order to make $$$ through advertising.

    Blogging is less of a personal conversation, social medium, or form of personal expression for those sites as it is business as usual. I guess they are in the business of blogging, while most of the rest of us have "day jobs". While blogging certainly helps what we do "during the day" it is not our primary focus and thus it can be expected that the independant will always rank lower then those writing for media organizations.

    With that I have a few ideas how to really blow the top off of the top voip blogger conversation! I will drop you both a line, offline –


  • Bruce Stewart January 2, 2007, 10:33 am

    Thanks, Alec! it's great to see rankings based on some form of data analysys (as imprefect as it may be with all the previously mentioned caveats). We're very pleased over at ETel to have ranked so highly in this list after our relatively short time in existence, and are humbled to be in the same ballpark as sites like yours, Andy's, Jeff's, etc.

    I do feel compelled to point out, as some others have already, that it's very difficult to do an apples-to-apples comparison of these kind of things. On ETel we have a whole crew of expert bloggers and also publish technical articles, so it's a little unfair to group us in with sites like yours or Andy Abramson's, where you guys single-handedly post every thing that goes up on your sites. I think it's very clear that the truly indivudual blogs that rank highly on this list are the real workhorses in this space.

  • Vinay January 18, 2007, 5:12 pm


    first of all good list but you dropped me out when i should have been in there..lol.. Secondly, tha juice calculator isnt really checking for VOIP blogger and pretty generic, so the results are way-off sometimes. Another point is that calculator isnt working anymore atleast on my PC 😛 will try again later.

    My technorati rankings just disappeared after i move to feedburner auto-discovery. I have sent numerous emails..but heck technorati seems to have banned me or something or they need bribe to fix those issues..

    Neverthless, whenever you get some time do visit: http://voipguides.blogspot.com

  • Nuno January 27, 2007, 1:10 am

    Nice ranking, but I've got a dumb question. Is it an exhaustive list? Are there all the blogs talking about VoIP?

  • Robin February 23, 2008, 5:02 am

    We’re very pleased and would like to thank Alec Saunders for his article that ranked us #57 as an Ultimate VoIP blogger and we realize that our blog juice rating could be better. So this year,

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