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Truphone or GizmoVoip + iotum. A killer combo.

I’m pretty impressed with Truphone, and with it’s American competitor, GizmoVoip.  Both rely on the new SIP subsystem that comes in the Nokia N80i, and both provide a very high quality, and very functional WiFi VoIP capability on this dual mode handset.

And in particular, I’m happiest with the combination of these and iotum.  Truphone can hand a call off to your cellular handset when you’re out of range of WiFi.  iotum can filter all incoming calls, and make decisions about the best handset to send them to, based on who’s calling and where you are.  I’ve now entered my Truphone 360 number into iotum as my mobile number.  What this means is that when I am at home, or in the office, and calls are sent to my iotum number (613-482-9088), it’s likely I can take them on a zero cost handset — either my WiFi mobile handset, or my landline.  And when I leave the office, they will automatically fail over to my cellular account.

I get a huge number of cellular calls every month when I am sitting right beside a land line.  This might allow me to significantly reduce my monthly cellular minutes bill.  Way cool!

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  • Pouya July 18, 2007, 9:46 am


    I was wondering how you have GizmoVoip + iotum together>
    GizmoVoip is only for the Nokia N-Series (N*0 &N95)
    iotum is only for the blackberry
    so how do you have these working together on one device?

  • Alec July 18, 2007, 2:06 pm

    Hi Pouya — I have the iotum call filtering software installed on our PBX. Truphone is then an end point.

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