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Stay Tuned, and Do Not Adjust Your Sets.

Skype pictureApparently there will be big news from Skype tomorrow.  KaplowPR dropped me one of those “stay tuned” notes.  I wonder if it has anything to do with hardware?  Arne at the Unwired Net in Germany wrote just an hour ago that today (which is tomorrow, already, in Germany) Skype has launched its public beta of Skype for Windows Mobile 2.2, and there are now 120 different Windows Mobile smartphones supported.  That looks very interesting, especially since Skype is claiming to have solved some of the power consumption problems.

The boys from Estonia keep on rolling. 

Meanwhile, Martin Geddes has just gone through my SunRocket Experience, except with his bank, who telephoned him and required that he reveal a bunch of personal information before they would tell him what the call was about. It turned about to be Spoot (Spam on Ordinary Telephony).  Love the term, Martin!  And he observes that it will be a while before the whole world is using Skype, and this issue is no longer a concern.

If you’re still waiting for an open user-owned telephony system, forget it. Private and proprietary is in for the foreseeable future. At present I also don’t see any prospect of the PSTN evolving to become a new telephony system that solves relevant needs for its users. I look forwards to being proven wrong!

Depressing, but likely true.

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