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Hictu!, an online web address book with presence

Ever wanted to consolidate all of your address books and buddy lists in one place?  The folks at Abbeynet are addressing that problem with Hictu!, an online address book and presence service.  Import your contacts, invite them to join, and you have now got presence across multiple services, as well as click to call from Abbeynet’s own Sitofono, and Abbeyphone.

I’ve been playing with Hictu!, and while it’s still a beta, it promises to provide a whack of new functionality in the coming weeks, including a mobile client.  More details from Abbeynet CEO Luca Fillighedu here. 

Nice job, Luca!

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  • Simone April 1, 2008, 11:52 pm

    Hictu evolved so far.
    It adds video microblog features to the presence address book.

    Twitter Like? No, better than Twitter!

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