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Sitofono: A new way for customers to reach you

More than a few bloggers are now sporting a Sitofono logo, courtesy of Luca Filigheddu’s Abbeynet.  Sitofono is a simple tool for adding click-to-call to a website.  Click the Sitofono logo, and Abbeynet will pop up a window offering an option to call using their web-hosted softphone, or your regular handset.  It’s a simple, easy to use service. 


The technology behind Sitofono is very simple.  By simply navigating, using any browser, to http://www.alec_saunders.sitofono.it/, a call window will pop up, allowing the person browsing to make a toll free call to you.  You can integrate Sitofono into any document that can launch a URL: a PDF’d brochure, a Microsoft word document, or an email message to name a few.  What about adding a hyperlink to your email signature?  Instead of just putting a phone number in, link it to Sitofono too.  For example, my phone number would be: 613-482-9088.  Click the phone number, which automatically launches Sitofono, and your customer can call you for free. Go ahead… try it!

Sitofono is the equivalent of a Global 800 number. With Sitofono, your customers can call you for no charge from anywhere in the world. All it wll cost your business is about one euro per day.  Point your Sitofono at your tech support line, or your sales line, and you have an instant web-enabled inbound number for effectively no cost.

My personal Sitofono is pointed at my iotum number — 613-482-9088.  The combination of Sitofono and iotum is killer.  Sitofono and iotum together make me more accessible to the people who want to reach me, and give me the control I need to manage that accessability.  You can click to call me, and Sitofono will send the call to iotum which will place the call to wherever I am at that time.  But what if I really can’t take the call then? After all, the potential once I’ve put my phone number up on a website, is to get calls all the time from people I don’t know, and who don’t really know whether I can talk right now or not. iotum knows my schedule, how busy I currently am, and so on, and makes appropriate choices. 

Rock on!

Sitofono’s a great click-to-call solution you can put on your website or blog today.

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  • Ted November 25, 2006, 10:18 am

    Sitofono be broken on my macbook running Firefox.

  • Alec November 25, 2006, 2:13 pm

    The softphone piece most certainly would be, Ted. It relies on an ActiveX control — Microsoft, and IE specific.

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