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Poking Alexa in the eye

Om Malik takes a jab at Alexa this morning.  Hear hear!  I long ago gave up Alexa results.  This blog ranks in the top 5000 on Technorati, but is usually around number 110,000 on Alexa.  It makes no sense. 

Om says, “…if you are a startup that brings up your Alexa ranking in a meeting with us and tout that as your shining achievement, it would be time for my smoke break!”  I’ll join you Om.  Alexa’s numbers are meaningless.

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  • Vernon Lun November 22, 2006, 7:09 am

    I guess that's where old adage, you can make statistics tell whatever story you want. Few people realize Alexa is only as good as its sample (like all polls and ratings). We've seen some wild swings in numbers that are frankly not explainable. The Alexa fails because of the small sample and because there seems to be a lag in their numbers (is it really real-time??)

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