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Venture Law Lines: An Entrepreneurs "Must Read"

Over the last couple of months, Toronto lawyer Suzi Dingwall-Williams seems to have found a niche that the blogging world has overlooked.  Her blog, Venture Law Lines, dishes up a daily stew of practical advice for entrepreneurs in the area of law — employment, financing, investment, and so on.  Plus, she’s funny as hell.

In Series A: Making every day Like Christmas for your lawyers she challenges the legal opinion requirement that many series A investors impose on entrepreneurs at financing.  She argues it offers little comfort, and can radically increase the closing costs. I would also add that early rounds are small, but closing costs don’t typically scale with the amount of money raised. Having paid tens of thousands of dollars in closing costs at iotum, any savings here are welcome. 

Go read Suzi’s stuff.  Whether you’re wondering about the size of your option pool, or whether corduroy is a fashion statement, she’s got the answers.

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