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Skype 3.0 for Windows – Business Version

Dan York tipped me off to the fact that the Skype team has quietly released a beta version for enteprise customers.  First hinted at by Jonathan Christensen at VON Berlin last week, this version appears to be identical to the consumer 3.0 product, with added enterprise management features:

Business friendly features

  • Includes Windows Installer (commonly known as MSI).
  • Increased security for business users.
  • Easy deployment to multiple machines in your company.
  • More control for IT administrators.
  • Manage multiple accounts with the Business Control Panel.

Depending on whether you’re an IT administrator or not, these are either a huge deal, or a big yawn.  MSI makes it easier to install and uninstall on corporate networks, for instance.  The product strategy, however, is smart.  Make sure the administrators and IT tycoons have their objections dealt with, and then the rollout can proceed smoothly.

Once again, Skype’s PR strategy mystifies me.  Where are the talking points, fact sheets, press releases, call-downs to bloggers?

Strike two for SparkPR.  Three strikes, you’re out?

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