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TalkPlus "Sneak Peek" Debuts

TalkPlus announced a US West Coast beta today.  For customers on Cingular, T-Mobile, or Sprint, you can get a second number for your cellular mobile — a TalkPlus number.  The idea is that the number can be used as a “second line” for business, dating, classified ads, online auctions, social groups, or for a second residence. TalkPlus works like your current mobile phone number, with the ability to make or receive calls from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Billed as a “Sneak Peek”, the limited beta started today.  Beta participants get a TalkPlus Number within California or a selection of other major US cities.  Mobile users can sign up by visiting www.talkplus.com.  All beta participants get a FREE 30 day trial which includes 250 domestic minutes of TalkPlus service.  Participants who successfully complete the beta program will receive one additional month of free service (not including any overage charges).

I’m bummed that it’s not available here in Canada, or any of the handsets that I own.

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