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Alec Saunders on Interviews

Flat Planet Phone Company CEO, and iotum Partner, Moshe Maeir pointed me to Ron Lewis’ Interviews site after I recorded a podcast with Ron recently.  Wow! 

First, egomaniac that I am, I went and listened to my own interview.  It might be one of the better podcasts I’ve participated in.  Ron’s a great interviewer, and then does a fabulous job in the post processing.  At one point the interview dissolved while I looked for a bit of paper with some information on my desk that I wanted to reference.  Ron kindly removed the offending bits.

Next, I had a look at Ron’s site.  It’s professional, great looking, and has an awesome slate of interviews.

And you know what he uses on the backend?  That’s right… Asterisk, with Gabcast.

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