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Waiting for Voice 2.0

Jim Van Meggelen is frustrated with silo-thinking.  In his Saturday posting Will Any Visionary Carriers Please Step Forward, he bemoans the lack of integration between PBX’s and carriers, and, by implication, between the carriers themselves.

We’re waiting for Godot Voice 2.0, baby!

Seemingly granting that the carriers can actually see the future, Andy Abramson comments that they are buying what’s safe.  Safe, yes, but more importantly, protectable inside the carrier’s walled garden.  Open networks, like those championed by AOL’s Ragui Kamel, and open technology solutions like David Beckemeyer’s PhoneGnome, are slowly eroding that protection.

Perhaps, as Jim suggests, it will take a government or a large corporation to insist that this integration happens, or perhaps it will be the work of visionaries like Ragui Kamel and David Beckemeyer.  Ultimately, however, the walls will come down.

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