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Mudwrestling At The Goldberg's

Mark Goldberg has weighed into the debate on Net Neutrality, touched off by Robert Depatie’s comments in the Globe.  Rob Hyndman has written a lengthy rebuttal of Mark’s position.   Both positions are worth a read.

The issue seems pretty simple.  Videotron wants to preserve the gatekeeper status they enjoy as a cable television provider.  That’s why they oppose net neutrality.  In a world where many competitive alternatives exist, that might be tolerable.  In our world — the world where your choices are cable or the incumbent telco — it shouldn’t even be on the table.

Do we, as consumers and producers of content, want a return to the end-to-end integrated model of the entertainment networks, or do we want choice?  There’s enough crap on the tube.  Let’s vote for choice and see what happens.

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  • Mark Goldberg November 3, 2006, 11:52 am

    Not quite as exciting as WWF, but based on the billing and build-up that you provide, the level of hyperbole is equivalent. It is an awful long way from what is generally beiong talked about to what you characterize as limiting choice.

    To be useful, we have always sought the ability to prioritize bits. Content providers have sought optimization techniques such as mirroring to improve their users' access.

    I have yet to see any ISP talking about restricting your choice of content – look at my experience in August in respect of blocking clearly illegal content. You think an ISP is going to block legit stuff?

    I never took you for the kind of guy who wants restrictive government regulation on the internet. Come watch Mark the Free Market Man demolish the Rob the Rabid Invertionist! Mud Wrestling… right!

  • Alec November 4, 2006, 10:07 am

    My view is reasonably complex, Mark, and I suspect in line with a lot of people. I think the egregious stuff, which you pointed out in August, ought to be dealt with. Most everything else I am in favour of allowing market forces to figure out. If that means legislating a free market (now there's an oxymoron!) then so be it.

    I think the television industry has ruined television. Don't watch it anymore, myself. It's time for someone else to have a kick at the cat, that's all.

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