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Matching Up With Jangl

Things come in waves, they say.  The latest wave is dating and privacy.  Close on the heels of TalkPlus’ announcement Monday, Match.com rolled out a new service, today, called MatchTalk.  MatchTalk allows prospective couples to talk with each other without ever exchanging their REAL phone numbers — just a match number.  Whitelabeled from the Jangl team, the service works like this:

  1. When you find someone you want to talk with, click on the Talk to Her/Him button on your match’s profile.
  2. Enter your phone number in the form.  It must be a phone that supports caller ID, as the system uses your caller ID to recognize who’s calling.
  3. The other person will receive an email with your request to talk.
  4. If the recipient accepts, MatchTalk creates a new phone number unique to your connection together.
  5. You will each then receive emails with your unique MatchTalk number.
  6. Through this new number, you can call each other anytime, just as would with a normal phone number.  Your personal numbers remain concealed. Incoming calls will be routed to the private numbers you originally specified.

Remind you of another model?  Yep… Rebtel!  Except that the appeal here isn’t cheap long distance, but rather anonymity. 

It’s an old idea, long talked about, but its time has apparently come.  Not a moment too soon, it would seem, as online predators seem become increasingly common. 

Congratulations to the Jangl Team on this win. 

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