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Star2Star Donates TAPI Dialer for Asterisk

Star2Star was one of the standout companies I saw last week at Astricon.  These folks are integrating Asterisk into a number of offerings, including a slick portable VoIP system for use during emergency scenarios.  Inspired by hurricane Katrina, this hardened PBX incorporated WiFi networking, radio links, and a variety of other technologies, all designed to make the jobs of search and rescue organizations easier in places where communications networks have been knocked out.

Huzzah!  Awesome job, guys.  If you’re not already chatting to Tom Evslin about his Recovery2 efforts, you might want to look him up too. 

Star2Star also showed their gumstick Asterisk implementation, and their micro-PBX offering.  The platform is called Starbox-X, and it’s all open source. 

The other thing Star2Star announced last week was that they had decided to give away their TAPI dialer.  Run this little ditty on a Windows machine, and you can now perform click-2-call via your Asterisk PBX.  Useful stuff.  Source code here, and binary here.

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