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Mexuar Corraleta

This morning I had a chance to chat with Tim and Dean of Mexuar about Corraleta, their new Java based SDK for click to call.  As Dean explained, Corraleta is the world’s first Java based click to call solution.  Other solutions, like eStara, require an activeX control to work, locking the customer into the Windows platform.  Corraleta, because it’s Java, is platform independent, but more importantly, it’s just 25K of code.  It’s as small as an ordinary image file.

The cool thing about Corraleta is that it’s a small addition to your web server, and then enables click to call on Asterisk.  Delivered as an SDK, it’s skinnable and customizable.  It can do click to call to a desktop softphone, or call back.  It can also be embedded in a web page, or be part of a pop-up. 

Licensed per server, it’s also very competitively priced when compared to Flash, or other solutions.

It’s cool!  Go check it out.

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  • Mark October 26, 2006, 9:38 am


    I'd love for a Mexuar spokesperson to explain here a bit about how it actually works, from a developer, sysadmin, and webapp developer perspective. I can understand the language of all three (aren't I smart 😉 ), so use whatever language you see fit.

    I mean, what is it? An applet with a good backend? What are the moving parts?

  • Dean Collins October 26, 2006, 1:38 pm

    Hi Mark,
    My name is Dean and I work for Mexuar here in New York.

    Thanks, for your questions I'll try and give you your answers but if you need more detail just let me know here and I'll reply with more specifics.

    A simple explanation of Mexuar Corraleta is this;

    You install the mexuar corraleta application onto your asterisk server (for those not familiar with Asterisk check out http://www.asterisk.org), whilst this asterisk server need not be your primary pabx it must have an external facing dedicated ip address for the applet to be addressed to.

    Once you have installed Corraleta on your asterisk server, you then take a small java applet and install this on your web server.

    When a random member of the public visits your website, using nothing more than an ordinary java compliant browser and a headset/mic they can click on a url or hyperlinked image or icon etc that indicates they want to talk to you (see our website for more examples)

    What occurs is the browser runs a java applet which initiates an IAX (the asterisk native communication protocol) voip call on port 4569 from the persons browser, via their pc, over their broadband connection to the external ip address (which is tied into the applet) of the Asterisk server which is then configured to deliver the call to an extension or a sales queue etc.

    By doing nothing but installing this application on your asterisk server, people visiting your website can now call your office from anywhere in the wrld and talk to you for free.

    So to answer your three questions;

    From a developers perspective, you can now license mexuar corraleta as a skinable solution to incorporate into your third party applications that require people to talk using nothing more than a browser session.

    From a sysadmins perspective, you can now license and install (or use one of the many asterisk system integrators world wide) a simple application that will allow your companies customers to call you (or your staff to dial in remotely) for free using voip.

    From a web developers perspective, you can now add fantastic functionality to your websites allowing click to call that will fit within any look and feel schemas for a single once off license fee per asterisk server.

    Feel free to come back if you need anything further or even better try it out by visiting our website at http://www.Mexuar.com and give us a call to our office.


  • Mark October 27, 2006, 2:28 pm

    Thanks, Dean.

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