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Iotum's New Channel Program

An hour or so ago, the official announcement of the iotum Relevance Enabled channel partner program hit the wires.  For system integrators, VARs and Service Providers, the program has a pretty simple premise.  Add iotum to your customer offerings, and we’ll share the revenue with you. 

Programs aren’t worth much, though, without customers for those programs.  The best news about today’s announcement is the great group of partners who’ve signed on to use them, including Angel.com, Core Telecom Innovations Inc, ESCAUX, The Flat Planet Phone Company, Integrics Limited, and Nufone Incorporated. More information on each of these partners can be found at www.iotum.com/partners.php.

Here at Astricon, iotum is continuing to generate interest, and we hope to be able to announce more new relationships in the future. 

More than a partner announcement, though, for me this is a validation of the use of XML based web services to connect up new communications applications.  This idea is a foundation of the Voice 2.0 platform, and these companies are living breathing proof points for that concept.

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