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Skype By The Numbers

EBay’s latest financials break out Skype statistics pretty clearly, and Skype Journal’s Jim Courteny has been digging through the entrails looking for insight. The net for me?

  • Revenue growth is slowing, likely due to the free Skype-Out in North America campaign. It’s actually pretty dramatic.  42% growth in Q1, 26% in Q2, 13% in Q3.  Will Q4 be flat?
  • The company seems to be on track to hit 150 million subscribers by end of year, something which I predicted in May of this year. 
  • Subscriber growth has held at a constant 20%, despite the free campaign, the only difference being that growth in North America is 68% higher than what it was the prior quarter.  The free Skype-Out campaign is only a limited success.  It didn’t move the needle on overall subscriber acquisition rates at all, which means that the rate at which new subscribers are being acquired outside of North America is falling.

It don’t look pretty to me.


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