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Sightspeed: Ready For Business.

Sightspeed is the technology behind AMD Live! Communicator Live.  Good on you, folks!

The ten second summary of the deal is:

  1. Sightspeed technologies are the foundation of the AMD Live! Communicator.  AMD has taken the existing Sightspeed technology, and customized it to their experience, delivering 30 frame per second video telephony to their customers.
  2. By itself, this a great feature for AMD customers.  If you want more, you can pop over to the Sightspeed website, and get yourself the Sightspeed Premium package which includes more voice mail, video conferencing, a personal web page and much much more!

From a customer’s point of view, this is the best way to experience Sightspeed.  AMD Live! is for the living room PC.  Now, with AMD Live! Communicator, you can relax on the sofa, and have a family video chat with Grandma on your big screen TV.

It also speaks volumes about Sightspeed’s technology and business practices.  AMD could have partnered with Yahoo, Skype, or Microsoft, all of whom have similar products in market.  I think they chose Sightspeed for two reasons: 

  1. The product. The company consistently wins the top awards in the industry for their product, with particular focus on video quality.
  2. The company.  A twenty person company, out of necessity, is a partnering organization.  AMD is going to rebrand Sightspeed’s technology with a new look and feel.  I’d be willing to bet that none of Yahoo, Skype, or Microsoft would have gone that far — too much brand dilution for the big guys.  For Sightspeed, it’s an opportunity to get into the market with a great partner, and upsell the customer later.

Kudos to the Sightspeed team.  They’ve got a great product, and they are clearly ready to do business.

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