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Mobile Skype Faces Technical Hurdles

Reuters reports that Skype is having trouble getting their mobile client to market.  Niklas Zennstrom is quoted as saying: “When we begun developing the mobile phone version we didn’t realize the number of technical obstacles. It is challenging and is taking much longer than expected.”

The story goes on to elaborate that while the Windows Mobile version is available, there are few of those handsets out in Europe.   Of course, the version everyone wants is the Symbian version.  According to some developers I’ve spoken with, it seems that Symbian is a much harder environment to work with than either Windows Mobile, or BlackBerry. 

In any case, the recent rash of mobile announcements from Jajah, RebTel and others  has got to be putting pressure on Niklas’ team to get their own mobile offering to market.

UPDATE: BusinessWeek’s Olga Kharif also picked up this story. 

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