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Looking at DEMO

I had a chance to look at some of the demo videos last night, and was going to spend more time on them this morning, except that the DEMO video server seems to be down.  Of the ones I saw:

Dash: Finally, a navigation system that makes sense for every day.  Dash adds local traffic, and a clever web interface, to the mapping functions that every other GPS provider on the market delivers.  I’ve resisted buying an in-car GPS because, frankly, I know my around the town I live in.  But Dash is different.  It actually provides value to people who already know where they’re going. Their demo was good, but probably lingered a little too long on the preliminaries.

Photobot: Automatically optimizes photos, and stores them for you.  I imagine a lot of people will be interested in this.  I’d want to see it optimize a few photos before I turned it loose on all my pics.  Nice demo.  Short, sweet, compelling message.  No major errors.

Plugged Inc: Search audio content by keyword.  They want to be the Google of podcasts. Cool demo.  Everyone will be able to use this.

Jajah Inc:  I’ve written about how much I like the product, but the demo stank.   Two talking heads discussing the product without showing it is a pitch, not a demo.  Sorry guys. 

MVox: Wow!  I think this was a great demo.  Sally got to the product quickly, showed her product well, including the impact of the array microphones, and managed to carry off the running Star-Trek gag very effectively throughout the entire performance without detracting from the message.  Perhaps a few too many props, but other than that a great showing.

Cascada Mobile: Cool concept, ineffective demo.  The demo team didn’t spend enough time on the product and its benefits.  Too much preliminary stuff about the market. DEMOgod status evaporated when President Neil Closner started to read from a press release in the middle of the demo.  Too bad.  It’s a cool idea, and one that mobile carriers would definitely find compelling.   

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