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Do As I Say…

Remember the old saying “Do as I say (not as I do)”?   It applies here!

Zone5ive, the local Ottawa marketing meet-up, is hosting blogging guru and noted author Shel Israel at their event next Tuesday. Well, here’s a little irony for you.  Zone5ive needs some help with their marketing.

You see, Shel is a blogger, speaking to bloggers, and to marketing people who want to know about blogging.  Yet there isn’t one blogger in Ottawa talking about his event.  OCRI, and Zone5ive haven’t reached out to bloggers to make them aware of it. Joe Thornley, himself a blogger and PR professional and the sponsor of the event, hasn’t written about it on his own blog either. Sometimes you step in it big time, and this time I did.  Joe blogged about this event, August 25th, and again just now. 

I found out about the event this morning from a print advertisement in the paper. 

Anyway, go register! At $35 including lunch, and a half hour of networking with your peers, it’s cheap, it’s a steal. Moreover, Shel is a great speaker, and you’ll enjoy the insights he has to offer.

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