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Vlogging: My Final Thoughts

First, thanks to everyone, vlogger and non-vlogger alike who contributed to this discussion. Dina’s reprise of Why Alec Saunders Should Videoblog caught me by surprise.  Personal and direct, her piece is a testament to why Dina believes that vlogging is important.  Jonny’s hidden talents as a noseflute player were briefly demonstrated in his piece.  Jonny, let me know if you want to play duets sometime… I consider myself an accomplished olfactory musician.  Rob Hyndman, while taking a position similar to my own, introduced me to ZeFrank, for which I am thankful.  Phoneboy pointed out that my comments about linking may not be entirely true.  Individual media formats (for instance, QuickTime) can include hyperlinks in the media stream, but there isn’t a standard or easy way to put them in.  Side thought: does this mean that YouTube’s use of flash has annointed flash the format winner in the video wars on the internet?

The strong response has piqued my interest.   So, over the weekend I shot some experimental video with my Nokia N91.  It’s a few pieces of simple documentary footage of me and my boys smoking hot peppers — turning jalapenos into chipotles.  A lot of people have mentioned Serious Magic’s VlogIt tool.  I plan to play with it, and my video bits, and see what I can produce.  It may never see the light of day if I’m not happy with the result. I will give it a shot, though.


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  • Jonny Goldstein September 18, 2006, 7:02 pm

    Great conversation. I'd be interested in seeing some of the chile smoking videos. I'm up for a duet. If you video yourself playing the nose flute and put it online, I can download it and combine it w/footage of myself donig likewise and, voila, duet!

  • steve garfield September 19, 2006, 6:50 am

    Hi Alec,
    I've been experimenting with videoblogging in many forms since 2004. It's fun and there is a community here. I think you've started to see that.

    I'm also playing with the Nokia, the N93. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at a video I made of a balloon ride I took my wife on for her birthday:

    I've got an openign sequence and some credits with music added, but basically it's just a bunch of shots strung together to tell a story.

    I'll be interested to see what you do with your weekend footage. You know it doesn't even need to be edited, right?

    Jay Dedman calls it moment showing. You post up moments from your life and when viewed together, they tell a story.

    Post them up on blip then cross post over here.

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