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Dina Kaplan: Why I Like Andy Abramson's Video Blog

Dina has posted some thoughts on Andy’s video blog.  Perhaps the most interesting comment she makes is this:

When we started blip.tv, we wondered: would videoblogging attract bloggers lured from text to video, or TV producer-types lured from traditional media to the net?

In a email conversation with me, Dina revealed that she was at one point a television reporter.  That would explain her on-camera presence, and the ease and speed with which she constructs a story.  It also might provide the answer to her question. 

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  • Lhady February 17, 2010, 8:46 pm

    Video blogging is kind of cool but i think it is more time consuming than regular text based blogs. i already have at least 1 video blog and 2 regular blogs.

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