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Dina and Andy Reply

Blip TV’s Dina Kaplan has posted a short rebuttal to my comments on video blogging yesterday.  It’s in the comments to the original post, and reproduced here in case you don’t read the comment trail.  Andy Abramson also posted a rebuttal, with video, and this time a better camera angle.  And Mark Evans says he’ll probably do a vlog, after he gets a bit better at podcasting. 

Thanks for taking the time Dina and Andy!  You guys make it sound really easy.  And good luck Mark!


Dina says:

Two thoughts: First, I believe it is within the realm of possibility that videoblogging could become even more mainstream than blogging. Many people have insecurities about writing (worried about semi-colons and colons and commas and spelling…) that they don’t have about talking. And vlogging can be just talking…or shooting an interview with someone interesting…or capturing a beautiful scene…

Also, some people might consider it easier to shoot video on a cell phone and email it to a vlog (directly from the cell phone) than to sit at a computer and write something that will be available on the internet forever.

Second, doing a vlog on an issue (or a film review or a book review or covering what happened at a conference like VON) is actually pretty easy. I have a tripod I keep in my apartment ($75), a semi-professional light ($75), a $250 Panasonic camera and a $50 lavalier mic from Sony. I do futz with make-up a bit, fix my hair a bit, but then I basically write out a script, tape it to the camera, and read for a minute (usually doing a few takes.) If I am just talking, I do only one take with no script. Then I download the video to my computer and post it to blip.tv. The process takes about 20 minutes from start to finish, or 5 minutes if there is no script.

We hear all the time from people want to be on more news programs and talk shows, and many “experts” are thrilled to espouse their point of view on CNN or ABC News. I love the idea that people can do a commentary and be seen around the world…and answer exactly the questions they want to address…all on their own terms and in video (without having to deal with bookers at the TV networks.)

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  • Andy Abramson September 16, 2006, 11:46 am


    No script here (I know it shows). No light. No lost time. To do a one minute video with sight speed from start to blog post, all of five minutes…

  • Dina September 16, 2006, 11:43 pm

    Exactly! Videoblogging could arguably be easier, and take less time, than blogging, especially since you don't need to worry about the construction of a sentence and the words you are choosing. Videoblogging is just like talking, whereas blogging is like writing : easy for some people and cumbersome for others.

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