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VON: Bloggers Panel

Has the bloggers panel run its course at VON?  Don’t get me wrong – we had a great discussion on a wide range of topics ranging from Net Neutrality to Video, the next big thing, and the hottest stories of the year.  However, when compared to the panel of last year, which was very well attended, this year’s blogger panel was sparsely attended.

Perhaps, because bloggers have such powerful soapboxes already, people feel they know what the panelists have to say. Or, perhaps because the program promoted the session as more of a beginners blogging session, people felt they didn’t need to attend. It’s hard to know. 

In any case…

One of the more intriguing discussions, for me personally, was on the evolution of the PSTN.  Jeff Pulver commented that the PSTN wasn’t going to go away, which kicked off a discussion of what the network might look like in the future.  Part way through the discussion, Andy described the future network as the Public Communications Network (the PCN).  A great term!   I shall refer to it that way in the future.

Later, over dinner, Martin Geddes and I debated what this might be.  He was responding to my disdain for the instant messaging networks gulags with the view that one to one peering was the most likely scenario.  What Martin said (and if I’ve got it wrong, please jump in Martin!) was “There are really three scenarios: one is that the IMS folks get it right, and there’s an open network built around the carrier infrastructure; another is that we have an open network like the internet with all it’s problems as well; and another is somewhere in between, something like today but evolved.”

Martin’s scenarios make sense.  The only question is which will come to pass.

What do you think?

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