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VON: Two Asterisk Announcements

A couple of notable announcements from Digium yesterday: 

  1. Digium announced Asterisk 1.4.  Although it’s been announced at the show, it won’t actually be available until October.  ISP-Planet has a great interview with Kevin Fleming. 
  2. In another very interesting development, Digium also unveiled the Asterisk Appliance Development Kit.  This little number is a uClinux embedded version of Asterisk targeted at small offices.  According to New Telephony Magazine, the target price for these in quantity is below $500. 

We’re starting to get a picture of where Digium will be going with their new investment dollars.  In particular, the beefed up media capabilities in Asterisk 1.4, and the new programming language, sound very promising.

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  • Andrew September 20, 2006, 11:45 am

    One thing I don't quite get, is Digium essentially is now competing with Fonality, whom has to be there number 1 buyer of line cards.

    Fonality can market really well, they have a well conceived and executed channel strategy, Digium/Asterisk doesn't appear to have that skill set, this could be an expensive lesson for them in channel and marketing.

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