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Rodriguez: Tilting at Windmills

A special welcome to Voxilla’s Marcelo Rodriguez, the latest VoIP blogger.  Marcelo and I were having a drink last night.  He was carping about the quality of the writing in the blogosphere.  And yes, much of it’s written by amateurs.  A quick, but friendly, “quit your bitching, and write something”, has resulted in his new blog.  Thanks for taking up the challenge Marcelo!  We’re looking forward to your voice.

Go read Tilting at the Windmills of VoIP.  It’s a challenge for us all.

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  • Paul Jardine September 13, 2006, 7:34 pm

    For some reason I actually read through to the end of his article.
    He has a point, though no more eloquently put than those he is criticising.
    A large amount of the 'content' in the blogosphere is mere echo, with limited added value in terms of content augmentation. The value is in stimulating discussion and creating 'buzz' on a topic.
    Someone has to provide some analysis/review/opinion, but it needn't be everyone.

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