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Open AIM Phoneline: Hangin' With the Bloggers… 'Cause That's Where The Cool People Hang…

In the aftermath of yesterday’s Open AIM Phoneline Developer Program announcement, there are a couple of loose ends that bear mentioning:

Jim Courtney, writing in Skype Journal, published a second piece – a dissection of the AIM Phoneline announcement from the point of view of a developers program — and then made some pointed suggestions for Skype about their program.  He sees AOL’s entry into the platform space as a strong challenge to what, up until now, has been a largely open market for Skype. I agree. Skype developers now have a very credible alternative platform in AIM, with a market that’s as large or larger than the Skype market.  Expect to see a lot of products crossing over. 

Yesterday’s AIM Phoneline story was broken by bloggers, and made by bloggers.  Each brought a unique perspective to the story that wasn’t reflected in the mainstream press.  When you contrast what Jeff Pulver, Jim Courtney, and Dameon Abernathy-Welch (not to mention Bruce Stewart, Ken Camp, and today’s second post from Jeff) wrote with the story written by CNET’s News.com, it’s pretty stark.  The bloggers produced insightful reflections, which were meaningful to the developer audience AOL is trying to reach.  CNET’s Caroline McCarthy wasn’t even aware that AOL’s TotalTalk service has been mothballed, devoting a whole paragraph to this now defunct service.  No comparison.

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