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A Long Tail Lesson

Luca Fillighedu has done a quick reprise on the idea of the Garrett Smith Top 30 VoIP weblogs, based on Technorati ranking.  Luca tries to be a little more analytical, by using recorded links.  Miraculously, Saunderslog ranks number 4, ahead of Jeff Pulver, and Andy Abramson!

How can that be? Well, here’s a little long tail lesson.

On June 12th I wrote a piece called “The Mosquito Ringtone: This Adult Can Hear It!“.  It’s about a 17Khz ring tone that adults can’t hear, or have difficulty hearing, and it’s now popular with school kids who want to discreetly text in class  I also included samples of 15Khz, 16Khz, and 18Khz tones so you could compare.

This piece turned out to be unbelievably popular.  I have 150+ comments on the page at this point, and since posting it, it has accounted for 115,000 visits to my blog.  It made the top news sites in Japan as well, and you will find that of the 1200+ links in to my blog a substantial portion are Japanese.

At this point, unbelievably, it continues to generate in the range of 30,000 visits per month, and has turned out to be a tidy moneymaker, delivering, I am estimating, over $200 in advertising revenue every month.

I don’t believe that Saunderslog is a more influential VoIP blog than Jeff or Andy.  But Technorati results might lead you to believe that.

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  • Jeff Pulver September 1, 2006, 7:13 am

    Alec, your point is well taken. I guess my new motto is: "I'm in 5th Place and I'm Proud!"

  • Alec September 1, 2006, 7:17 am

    You know Jeff, it's all good fun so long as nobody takes it too seriously :)

  • Phil Holden September 2, 2006, 1:11 pm

    I wonder if your kids read this and have indeed downloaded their own discreet text to tease you!

    Looks like the hols was a blast, chat soon.

  • Alec September 3, 2006, 5:07 am

    Wouldn't work Phil… I can hear it :)

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