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Sessum: the Marketers Poet

Jeneane Sessum is taking shots at the latest marketing buzzword — “attention”.  Whether you agree or disagree with her viewpoint, please go and read what she has to say. She takes the mundane, and makes it poetry.  Revel in the words.  Jeneane is one of those rare talents who can turn a phrase. 

For instance, arguing against the concept of “gestures” she writes:

More and more, my gestures reflect not what I am paying attention to, but instead are sideways related to what I’ve dropped my illusions about. In surrender of control, then, not in clinging to it, we wander here. We value most those instances of delight so fleeting that they are the opposite of thought and reason; they are out of time; they scatter us to the wind rather than draw us in.

They repel us outward, until we are untraceable, exiled, free, and only in knowing me severed will I tell you how you can find me whole.


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