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Launching Hullo

Janice, our friend Sharon, and myself headed out to the Hullo launch party last night at Capital Music Hall in Ottawa’s Byward Market.  The big draw for the night was rapper Kardinal Offishal, with backup bands the HILOTRONS and Donkey Punch. 

We walked through the door at about 9:30 pm, scooped up some free shooter tickets, and caught the tail-end of Donkey Punch, playing hard-driving, bluesy rock and roll.  They looked great.  The HILOTRONS were a throw-back to the 1980’s. Think DEVO.  Fun to watch, made you want to dance.  The lead singers dance moves were… unusual.  Awesome drummer, though.

Kardinal Offishal, despite being the big draw, didn’t do it for me.  I think I’m showing my age, because he was really popular with the folks on the floor.

Here’s a shot of Kardinal Offishal, and the crowd, from way back, plus Bob Mimeault and Rick Clemmens, taken with my Nokia 6682 cellular phone. 

 Party Bob Mimeault

 Rick Clemmens

The Hullo crew knows how to party!  About the only thing that could have made the party better was if they had given themselves a little more lead time between coming out of stealth (at the beginning of this week!) and their launch.  Despite just 4 days of promotion there were probably close to 250 people at the event.

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