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Net Neutrality Test?

Dan Kaminsky has developed a technique he calls “TCP-based active probing for faults” which can be used to determine if some carriers are treating some packets better than others.  First shown at BlackHat, he expects to release a commercial tool later.

Inquiring minds want to know if this is intended to be an end-user tool, or merely something for the netop.  Will I be able to use this personally to figure out what the heck is wrong with my hotel WiFi connection?

Great stuff!

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  • Dan Kaminsky August 13, 2006, 4:48 pm

    Since you asked :)

    So, it’s really tied to whoever’s sending the traffic. If Youtube wants to know why they’re only getting 8k/sec to someone, they can find out. HOWEVER, much as we have DSL speed tests, we can have DSL neutrality tests. There can be generic sites that impersonate youtube, cnn, etc. and tell you if you’re getting biased networking, and to whom the bias is going.

    And I don’t plan on releasing a commercial tool…I release all my toys for free.

  • Alec August 14, 2006, 6:06 am


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