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VoipReview.org: Your One Stop VoIP Shop

For some time now, press releases about VoipReview.ORG have been finding their way into my inbox. I finally checked them out this morning. If you’re in the market for VoIP services, or think you might be, this is your one stop shop.  The three things I liked:

  1. It has a comprehensive set of FAQ’s about VoIP for newbies.
  2. It has a massive database comparing every VoIP provider’s plans.  Besides Vonage, Packet8 and the usual suspects, there are hundreds of companies which I’ve never heard of.  There’s a quick summary of each offer, user reviews, and any special incentives that might be available.
  3. It has a great speed test tool so you can figure out just how VoIP capable your network is.  Mine sucks. That explains why call quality is so variable for me.


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