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The Future is in Applications

Rich Tehrani and Greg Galitzine were among those who heard Yankee Group’s Zeus Kerravala speak this morning at the Avaya Developers Conference.  Kerravala’s theme was that the future of VoIP is in applications. The money is in call centers, softclients, and converged mobile applications.  According to Kerravala:

“We are at the beginning of the market – where the PC was in 1982.  Imagine asking a person before 1982 what they would want to do with a PC. They wouldn’t be able to tell you. This is also the case with VoIP.”

Just as we have seen a wave of folks imitating POTS on VoIP, we should be expecting a wave of application innovation.  My sense is that we’re at the beginning of that wave now.  In silicon valley, the emergence of companies like Jajah, Radio Handi, and Tello is the beginning.  Many more  Jajah’s are just around the corner as cheap hardware, and easy access to the networks make it possible to experiment and learn without breaking the bank.

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