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Sightspeed 5.0: Video-Phone meets TV

Sightspeed 5.0 hit the web last night.  They’re Andy Abramson’s client and he has pulled together a round-up of the coverage over on his blog. In particular, read Tom Keating’s lengthy review.  The feature everyone is raving about is the TV integration.  You’ll need a media PC for that, though. Unlike Slingbox, Sightspeed is all software, which is a good thing. 

I think the “Sightspeed Guy” summed it up best.  By the way, Sightspeed Guy is an ongoing video blog on all kinds of features.

I haven’t had a chance to play with Sightspeed 5.0 yet, since it didn’t hit the web until after my bedtime yesterday.  I’ll be downloading it today, time permitting.  As always, the spectacular video is the hook for me.

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