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Windows Installer Updated

Over the weekend, I installed the latest Windows Vista build.  While not substantially different from the previous one I installed, it was exciting to see that it’s a little faster, and a little more stable. In other words, what we’ve got now is likely feature complete, and the folks in Redmond have started to turn their attention to the last phase of shipping a new OS, which is performance and stability. 

The installer, as reported here, has changed dramatically for Windows Vista.  Instead of installing individual components, as previous versions of Windows have, this installer simply copies a ready to run image of Vista to your hard disk, and then customizes it.  The impact, for IT departments and OEMs, is that they can now have one image that can be flashed onto any hard disk.  A dramatic savings!

For lowly end users, like myself, however, it sucks.  In order to install the Vista upgrade I had to free 11 G of space on my “busting at the seams” hard disk.  I dumped all the media files and photos onto another hard disk on my home network.  Once copied onto the disk, the install process dragged on and on as the system configured itself.  It took well over an hour to install. I went and worked at another PC.

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