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NextStep Demonstrated

Luca Fillighedu has found a 15 year old video on YouTube of Steve Jobs demonstrating NextStep.  If you’re a student of OS history, as I am, this is a fabulous journey down memory lane.  And, as Luca points out, look at how many of the features of NextStep ended up in Windows and MacOS today. 

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  • ian July 25, 2006, 7:19 am

    When I was in university, a friend of mine bought an old NeXT cube from a surplus sale. At the time, it was amazing how well the machine performed especially against Windows machines of the day, and how nice the UI looked even with a Unix under the hood. The hardware setup was fairly impressive as well, with one cord from power to cube, one from cube to monitor, one from monitor to keyboard and one from keyboard to mouse – much more simpler and less awkward than even current machines.

    Seeing the cube in action was a little depressing, knowing that if the company was still in business the state of personal computers might have been far more advanced. Thankfully Apple adopted a lot of the technology behind the NeXT systems in Mac OS X.

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