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Not Being A Dot Bomb 2.0

11 Suggestions for Not Being a Dot Bomb 2.0 has a lot of useful stuff for entrepreneurs and those who aspire to entrepreneurship.  Particularly important was point #2: be a complete business, not just a feature.  What’s the service or product you offer to your customers?  If you can’t define this without another party’s offering then:

  1. your value chain just got one step longer, which means your one step further away from revenue, and one more piece of complexity stands in the way of reaching your customer.
  2. reaching that customer means first selling another member of the value chain on why they should buy (or integrate) your feature into their product, versus simply buying it themselves. 

Some entrepreneurs believe that being an OEM component in someone else’s business, or a feature added to someone else’s product, will lead to an easy exit.  For all but a few, it leads straight to the dead pool.

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