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Skype Cracked

According to reports coming from Asia, the Skype protocol has been reverse engineered.  The work was done in China, which, notorious for its lack of intellectual property protection, probably guarantees that it can’t be thwarted by legal means.  The crackers are promising it will be available commercially by end of the month.

Interestingly enough, the hacked clients cannot act as supernodes. Effectively, they are freeloading on the PC super nodes out there.  Impact? Still unknown, but the speculation is that this could slow down the Skype network.

One wonders how Ebay will respond.  My opinion?  The smartest thing now would be to publish the specs for the protocol, and attempt to retain control through attractively priced marketing campaigns.

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  • tropicaljantie | jan July 19, 2006, 9:42 am

    * who funded this research ? who is working behind the screens ? why, how, where ? how long has it been going on ?

    * what is the relation (if any) between http://www.vozin.com / http://www.talqer.com / http://www.hanzen.cn and the alleded group of chinese skype engineers.

    * is there a relation to http://www.coobol.com (site offline but in the cache of google) or not ? And if so why has that not been disclosed.

    * what is the function of the http://www.voipwiki.com/blog. Smoke Screen or Marketing Tricking, creating hype before a launch of this Skype Clone ?

    * why and how long will this information be hidden from the public.

    * what else has been going on behind the smoke-screen ?

    * how lethal (if so) could that be for the original Skype.exe

    * what type of investigations are going and will be going on?

    * what are the consequence of being involved in such activities?

    * how will it affect the business-model and activities of Skype/Ebay?

    * how might this skype clone be marketed and under what domain-name ?

    * when will we see the final proof (under the form of an executable) surface ?

    * is there a relation to the earlier miniskype.exe ?

    This story will certainly have another long tail. I am convinced that the current «no comment» position of Skype shows that this matter is investigated and probably it’s not only Skype that is investigating this matter too. Another thing comes to mind is wether Ebay would have Skype monitoring the Skype-contacts-list,chats, conversations and related. It should not be so difficult to do a content-search and map out of some «who’s talking to who, when and about what» diagramâ€&brvbar ;http://webtown.typepad.com/webtown/2006/07/skype_cracked_a.html

  • tropicaljantie | jan October 8, 2006, 5:53 am

    From Russia with love… Did Russian Hackers overtake in effect Chinese Hackers in the race to reverse engineer the Skype.exe ? This time it's not a hoax or an unfulfilled promise. Here is the QtSkype4.exe. see http://www.skype-watch.com or http://webtown.typepad.com/webtown/2006/10/from_r

  • Fan of Don Lapre November 10, 2006, 9:49 am

    WOW!!!! News I appreciate the info on. So what does it mean for Skype?

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