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For This Viewer, Rocketboom is Bigger Than Amanda

Blogs are rife with opinions on the RocketBoom / Congdon breakup again this morning.  Time has an interview titled 10 Questions for Amanda Congdon, while Buzzmachine has an advice column, amongst the many items. 

I don’t know about you, but I am very hopefull this soap opera will be coming to a close soon.  The first sign that there may be an end in sight?  Yesterday was the first episode of the new Rocketboom with Joanne Colan.  I liked her.  Less affected than the sophomoric Amanda, with a crisper more business-like delivery, she actually held my attention for the whole show. I may watch the show again. Rocketboom might finally engage me. 

To me, it looks like Andrew Baron has made good choices for his host, and for his business.

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