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Two "Story of a startup" blogs

Some weeks ago, Ambient Vector CEO Sutha Kamal dropped me a line to tell me about his new project: a blog titled 90 Days in the Life of a Startup, published on the Globe and Mail’s website.  Part reality TV, part news, and all Sutha, it’s a great read. 

Then yesterday, Price Canada’s Ryan McKegney let me know about his new blog Story of a Startup, dedicated to telling the story of how PriceCanada and RedFlag Deals got off the ground.  Ryan’s got a lot less content at this point, but he’s just starting off.

Great reads, and inspiring for anyone thinking of taking the leap into a startup.

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  • Jason Drohn July 11, 2006, 7:27 am

    Starting a business is indeed a scary thing. You will never have more fun in your life though!! Both Ryan and Sutha will do well in their endeavors. They both carry the characteristics to be true leaders. I am always encouraged by entrepreneurs, no matter their age!

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