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Sightspeed Goes TV

Om Malik has the scoop on how Sightspeed is adding video place shifting (a la Slingbox) to the Sightspeed video telephony client.  Using a Media Center PC, and software from Sightspeed, video is shifted to a remote Sightspeed client elsewhere.  Presumably that doesn’t have to be live video, either, since the Media Center PC might also have DVR capability.

That’s slick!  It also makes a lot of sense for Sightspeed.  Some months ago I chatted with Sightspeed CEO Peter Csathy, who explained to me that the Sightspeed client was designed with a proprietary video compression algorithm, allowing them to show superior quality video.  Rather than focus just on video telephony, Sightspeed appears to be taking their competitive advantage and using it in a variety of applications. 

Andy Abramson also writes about this new development. 

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