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Coghead: A New Web Development Environment

The promise of Coghead, which Om Malik wrote about yesterday, is that it will broaden the base of people who can create applications for the web. Coghead, which is not yet in a public beta, combines forms development, database, and business logic, to allow the creation of line of business applications. 

Their claim is that users won’t have to write any code, nor download any software, to make this work.  It makes for good marketing.  My bet, however, is that enterprise will tell them they want the Coghead server installed on premise, and that only the simplest applications will be possible without resorting to any code.

If history is any indication, however, this will be well accepted.  The previous generation of desktop developers segmented into skilled c/c++ programmers, line of business programmers (the VB / Paradox / Access gang), and macro programmers.  The actual universe of skilled hardcore types in that world was (and still is) tiny.  The vast majority of developers in the previous generation were using tools like VB and application based macros.  Coghead is betting that this generation of web developers will segment in the same way.  It’s a good bet. 

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  • Matthew Steffen August 8, 2006, 5:17 pm

    I was wondering if you have ever heard of Interneer Intellect? It is a web-based project and process management system that is extremely flexible. It is designed to be configured by the basic business user who has no knowledge of programming. It is similar to CogHead. I would just say that it currently is developed to the point that Coghead could hope to be in 2-3 years. Interneer was the first company to really get involved in web-based user-configured business management software. That’s why Interneer is so far ahead of all the newbies just now getting into the game… like Coghead.

  • Charles B October 6, 2006, 9:22 pm

    Your point about the true number of "hardcore" programmers versus "line of business" ones is absolutely correct, and something I think most people fail to grasp. Thanks for providing some true insight with your post!!!

    I think you'll be (pleasantly) surprised by what is possible using Coghead without resorting to code. I've been using the beta for several months and it is VERY cool – as an old Access "developer", I can say that I'm converted. I've also played with Interneer, and will only tell the prior respondant that Coghead is a totally different animal. Interneer has significant limitations (yes, very flexible for what it is, but that's not saying a whole lot).

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