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Winer on Wikipedia

Dave Winer writes “At dinner last night a friend said the Wikipedia page about me is pretty horrible.” Hmmm…. well, curiosity aroused, I checked it out. The entry is sixteen factual paragraphs, including a great photo and some really great commentary at the end from people like Doc Searls. 

There’s one paragraph about his prickly public relationships with some of the community.

Winer is known as one of the more polarizing figures in the blogging community. Tim Bray, a co-inventor of XML, wrote on his blog “Dave Winer has done a tremendous amount of work on RSS and invented important parts of it and deserves a huge amount of credit for getting us as far as we have. However, just looking around, I observe that there are many people and organizations who seem unable to maintain a good working relationship with Dave.” [2] Tim O’Reilly, who has had a rocky relationship with Dave for many years with regards to the technology conferences Tim organizes, says that Dave “can be a great contributor, but he can also decide, for no apparent reason, that someone is somehow on ‘the other side,’ at which point he becomes disruptive and abusive.” [3]

I don’t think it’s that bad, and if Dave read the whole thing, he might see it as mostly positive too.   

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  • Randy Charles Morin July 5, 2006, 10:15 am

    Although it is somewhat positive, I think it's negative enough that Dave wouldn't like the read.

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