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It's All About Identity

I have the distinct impression that Rich Tehrani had the same briefing from Communigate that I did.  He certainly seems to be as excited.  He has been talking up the idea of a unified SIP address (what Communigate calls SIPifying the world) in order to deal with the proliferation of addresses we all have.

On a related note, Russell Shaw is calling for a directory of VoIP addresses as well.  He notes that with the proliferation of providers, it’s getting harder and harder to reach the person you want. People change phone numbers!

It’s all about identity, isn’t it?

That’s also the tree that Marc Canter is barking up, with his latest project, PeopleAggregator.  PeopleAggregator is a social networking platform, built on open standards, and capable of aggregating all of your identities into one place, and transporting them wherevere you want.

That’s a king size vision.

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