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Versature and iotum set the bar higher

We’ve been keeping this one under the hat for a little while, but I am very pleased to announce that iotum and Versature have concluded an agreement for iotum services to be offered to Versature customers.  This is significant for two reasons:

  1. Versature is our first fully integrated communications customer.  Their offering is a hosted, integrated communications solution comprised of email, IM, and telephony, targeted at the small business owner.
  2. Versature offers two categories of service — a basic business IP telephony service, and a premium service.  For the first time, we have concluded an agreement which will see iotum become a standard component of the customers offering.  In this case, every Versature premium buyer will become an iotum customer.

The products will be available by fall.

Yesterday, Microsoft (MSFT) announced that they would ship a unified communications solution next year.  With iotum and Versature you won’t have to wait to start using unified communications.

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