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Selling Papers (the Power of a Catchy Headline)

Opera CTO Hakon Wium Lie knows the power of a good headline.  In Microsoft’s Forgotten Monopoly, he writes about the need for the web community to embrace fonts beyond the “Core Fonts for the Web” donated by Microsoft to the Internet community in 1996.  He’s right!  Firstly, those fonts are, frankly, stale, and secondly, Microsoft no longer wishes to support them.  It’s at that point, however, that Hakon takes a sharp turn left into the reality distortion zone.  He tries to paint Microsoft’s actions as those of a sinister monopolist bent on dominating the market for free fonts given away on the web. Eh?

It might sell papers, but it makes about as much sense as this Weekly World News about the Discovery of Death’s Door. Except, of course, that the Weekly World News is a lot more fun to read…

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