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This is a test blog post from Word 2007

I am testing the blog posting feature in Word 2007. If this post works correctly, it will be posted via WordPress’ XML-RPC interface to the blog.

It’s a nifty feature.  However, neither categories nor dates work correctly.  In order to use it, I have to post as a draft, which puts the posting in the wordpress draft queue, and then tweak categories and dates.  Still, as a way to catch up on some of my blog postings while on the flight this afternoon, it will be very useful. 

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  • Zachary Houle June 17, 2006, 5:54 am

    Ok, I like understand you were a pretty important dude at Microsoft at some point, but how on earth did you get a beta of Word 2007 (says the guy still using a pirated version of Word 2000 — yes, I'm an evil, poor writer person)? Like, what guy in a dark alley did you have to bother to get a hold of that? Is there, like, a Bill Gates hotline we can call to get that?

    There's a *blogging* feature built in???? (Whistles.)

    Um, or put another way, is there any way X pints of beer at the Blogging meet up might be a way to procure a copy of said software? :-)

  • Alec June 17, 2006, 6:59 am

    Hey Zachary! No need to resort to piratical techniques. Just go to Microsoft and download the Office 2007 preview. That's what I did.


  • Zachary Houle June 17, 2006, 12:02 pm

    Cool. Did not know a demo was out there.

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